Combat Offense

Targeting Reticle : This holographic projection may assist you in aligning your ship with
your target. Your missiles will initially head for these coordinates before
its A.I. computer (if any) takes over guidance control.

Ramming : While frowned upon by the Federation, it is possible to use your ship
as a battering ram against the enemy should your weapons systems
malfunction. Don't even think of ramming your Wasp into an
Elder Space Dragon. The difference in size would cause more
damage to your ship and hardly a scratch to the other.

Ram an obstacle hard enough (e.g. asteroid) and you could use it
as a virtual bowling ball.

Lasers : Federation standards require the minimum of Particle Lasers in all
combat-ready starships.

So leave your mining and impulse lasers at home!

There are four levels of lasers in this trainer :
 - Level 1 = 1 MW Particle Laser
 - Level 2 = 4 MW Particle Laser
 - Level 3 = 20 MW Particle Laser
 - Level 4 = 100 MW Particle Laser


Missiles : There are four missile types available :
 - Level1 = P80 Sidewinder Missile
 - Level2 = KL760 Homing Missile
 - Level3 = LV111 Intelligent Missile
 - Level4 = NN500 Fleet Missile

LV111 and NN500 missiles come equipped with an on-board
A.I. computer for advanced targeting capabilities.

Missiles are especially useful against asteroids,
and can also be used to disorient the enemy.


Droids : Specially modified astromechs can be stored in your cargo bay
and 'dumped' when required. Their A.I. will then instruct them to
fire upon enemy targets and keep close to your ship.