*****FEDERATION BATTLE TRAINER*************

Version : 1.01
Dated   : 25st July 2005


  - Run the game
  - Click on Briefing to view instructions.
  - Click on Simulation->Boxing Room
    - Arrow keys move, CTRL for lasers, SHIFT for missiles (first ships have no missiles though)
    - Practice hitting the dummy, (Press 2 to toggle Federation ships i.e. a Wasp)
    - Your HA goes up from hitting dummy at different levels (focused fire)
    - Your MA goes up from avoiding bullets. (improved acceleration)
  - Once you are dead, try Missions->Lalande
  - After you die and hopefully have some credits, goto Mission->ShipYard and upgrade ship.
  - You can now switch to a RustClaw(Press 1, press 2)
  - Try Missions->Miarin and have fun ramming maggots and asteroids with your higher mass.
  - Try Simulations->MODefender. It doesnt count towards your Credits/Exp, but its just for fun.
  - After you get an Interceptor, do the 'Epic' missions (numbered missions)
  - If missions are tough, buy a few droids and use them (press '3') at the tough bits.

   *                                                                               *
   *   IMPORTANT NOTE:                                                             *
   *                                                                               *
   *   In the beginning, you will probably not be able to complete any missions.   *
   *   This is perfectly normal. Keep upgrading your ship and you will             *
   *   soon be able to complete them.                                              *
   *                                                                               *

==========SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS============

This has been developed and tested on two systems.
Performance would depend mostly on your CPU
Celeron 1.3GHz 384MB-DDR "GeForce2MX400" 
P4 1.5GHz 512MB-DDR "MobilityRadeon9000"

It screams on the 1.5GHz

It only runs in Windows.
Tested on XP Professional, I am not sure of the other Windows operating systems.
Suspect it may require DirectX9

If you find that the screen is extremely jerky,
try pressing F4 to switch to windowed mode.
(Most likely you have a low-end integrated video card)

Supports Joystick 

Mouse is required for navigation, shipyard, and Building Defense stages.

A nice software/hardware wavetable for midi will improve the background music.

This game is produced from a legally registered copy of Gamemaker 6.0.
(Not Imbi copy - Malaysians will understand this)

=======FILE I/O==============

   The game will write to a single file called FBTgamedata.fbt
   This will be written in the same directory as the executable.
   If you experience a corrupt savegame, 
   you will have to goto Options->Reset or you can manually delete the file.


  Arrow Keys - Thrust
  CONTROL    - Fire lasers
  SHIFT      - Launch Missiles
  1          - Select next available ship
  2          - Switch between Federation or Neutral ships
  3          - Deploys a droid or maybe a leech :)

  SPACE      - Toggle Mouse Control
         - Shows Help and Information
         - Toggle FullScreen / Windowed mode

  Position   - Your ship will fly here , in MO defence missions, your weapons target here.
  LeftButton - Fire lasers , click a selection in Menu or ShipYard.
  RightButton- FIre missiles

  Stick      - Thrust
  Button 1   - Fire lasers
  Button 2   - Launch Missiles
  Button 3   - Select next available ship
  Button 4   - Switch between Federation or Neutral ships

======Weapons Fire==========

 - Lasers recharge in full every round
   You can hold down the fire lasers button for maximum laser capability.
   (Although it is better to aim before firing)
 - Lasers cause more damage when you are thrusting forwards

 - Missiles reload one at a time.
   After a missile launch, there is a cooldown period 
   before reloading can begin.
   That means, to have maximum missile capability, 
   do not hold the missile launch button down,
   but wait until your missiles are loaded before 
   firing a complete salvo.

Military Outpost Defences
 - Weapons reload one at a time.
   After firing a weapon, there is a cooldown period
   before reloading can begin.
   See tips above for Ship missiles.

 - Missiles fire much slower than lasers.
   You will need to aim further in front of your targets 
   when launching missiles (compared to firing lasers)
   This means you may score more accurate hits by alternating
   a salvo of lasers, re-aim, then followed by a salvo of missiles.

=====Hull, Armor, Shields=======

  - When you get hit, the order of depletion is
    Shields, Armor then Hull.
  - Shields regenerate with time.
  - Larger shields are equipped with larger shield generators.
  - The bigger the shield generator, the faster shields regenerate.

Make sure you download this program from a reputable site/person.

This program will never ask you for any personal details, or www.pardus.at login info.
This program will not read/write to your windows registry.
This program will never attempt to connect to the internet.
This program will never listen for incoming connections.
This program will never attempt to send emails.

Do your homework/coursework first.
Get enough sleep.
Use at your own risk.

This program is NOT for sale.
This program is free for distribution.
Graphics sourced from www.pardus.at (with permission)
Midi sourced from www.vgmusic.com

FBT coded by 'Catliver' (caliver@gmail.com)

========INTERESTING BITS==============

You can bounce asteroids into enemies to damage or crush them.
You can ram your ship into enemies to damage or crush them.
Note that larger mass ships are bigger. Yeah!
In collisions, the smaller mass gets the brunt of the damage.
'Particle' lasers have a kinetic effect..
Particle lasers do more damage with higher ship forward velocity.

Missiles have a long reload delay after firing missiles.
Subsequent reloads are much quicker. This is due to giving the
missile tubes time to cool down.
Firing Missiles cost credits.
   (Note that in the actual Pardus universe, 
   missiles are only reloadable at ShipYards)

Printscreen works to take snapshots.