Combat Piloting

Combat piloting is slightly more tricky than punching in coordinates
into the navigational computer.
In combat, you will have to take the controls manually.


Combat Controls

Mouse, Joystick or Keyboard?
You make the choice. It is also possible to use a combination,
with the mouse for movement, and the keyboard for weapons control.

Arrow Keys Thrust in direction of arrow. The more massive your ship,
the more sluggish it will be.
You will improve in maneuverability by avoiding enemy fire.

With good maneuvering ability, you will be capable of making even a
Behemoth dance around Space Dragons!


<Control> This releases a salvo of lasers, the number of which depends on the
number of guns fitted onto your ship.
The higher your Hit Accuracy, the more focused your beams will be.
Lasers recharge direct from your subspace-drive,
so do not worry about running out of ammo.

<Shift> Launch missiles. In this simulation, your supply of missiles will reload
with time if you have sufficient credits.
(In actual Pardus combat, once you exhaust your supply of missiles,
you will have to re-arm at a planet or starbase.
So, make your missiles count! )

Your targeting reticle will show the optimum position for launching
missiles without on-board A.I. computers.

<Space> Toggles mouse-control. Your flight computer will attempt to direct its
flight path towards the green beacon.
The beacon will fade as your ship approaches. This reduces visual

<1> Teleports the next ship in your fleet. The percentage of damage
of the ship warping in will be the same as the ship that warps out.

<2> Selects Faction Fleet. This is either Neutral or Federation ships.



<3> Deploys a defense droid. You must have already picked some up
from the Shipyard.